Into Year 3

We are heading into our third year of developing The Wretched. We’ve learned so much and although there have been setbacks overall we push ahead. Based on how it is going the initial release is looking to be sometime in late 2021. This is a project of passion for us so as much as we want to get this out, making it exactly what we want is more important. We promised a tech demo almost a year ago. That was another mistake! Don’t make promises we can’t keep. Won’t happen again, but the demo is still something we want to release. It is coming and it won’t take another year.

The website will also be updated soon and more often as there will be a lot more imagery available as we have finalized our art direction. The art is a big focus now as much of the code is done. This project has gone from a dream, to a hobby, and now it is life. We can’t wait to share more of it with you!