Q: Will The Wretched be VR only?

A: The Wretched is a terror-ridden narrative that could only be done with the power of VR. We have discussed something “different” for those traditional PC gamers.

Q:  Will The Wretched make me vomit into my HMD and thus cause my eyes to melt from my face?

A: We are trying to limit any potential for nausea while playing, but this isn’t like your pappy’s VR games. There is no teleporting, and although you may be able to run through your real living room wall, there won’t be any wall clipping in this virtual space. To stay alive you best have your VR legs ready!

Q:  Speaking of legs… Locomotion?

A: So basic movement is a combination of the head bob and arm swinging methods. Essentially you will walk, run, jump, climb, and even crawl in place. This does mean you will need a large space for playing with enough ceiling clearance. We will look into some other alternatives for locomotion but the game is being made with a high degree of movement in mind. We are also planning to support multiple trackers for your feet although these will be optional additions for the player.

Q: Wait, with all that I might get tired!

A: You will! Our goal is to make the player feel anxiety, stress, and fear. We are designing The Wretched to be exhausting: mentally, physically, and emotionally. If that scares you, then good, it’s a horror game after all. Don’t be too worried though! We are planning the game so that it will be high intensity and then a much-needed rest with story advancement. So you don’t have to wuss out!

Q: How long will it last?

A: 6-8 Hours of gameplay per playthrough with a strong emphasis on multiple playthroughs to unlock all the secrets of Jude’s past. One playthrough only lasts a certain amount of time before you are forced to face your destiny.

Q: So the game is timed?

A: Yep! Although expert players will finish it before their time runs out. The others? well they won’t lose. Not initially at least. 😉

Q: What is the core gameplay?

A: The player will explore and repair a huge damaged ship with deadly enemies that they must dispatch or avoid using melee combat, sci-fi tools, and Jude’s trusty eight shooter. You will open shortcuts, find new equipment, and fight all while dealing with PTSD, and epic alien bosses.

Q: Bosses?

A: Each section of the ship has an unwelcome guest. Our bosses are heavily inspired by games like Shadow of the Colossus and the Dark Souls franchise. One of the unique features of The Wretched is if the player is unable to defeat a boss within a certain amount of time/tries then a key system to the ship will be lost for the remainder of that playthrough and the game will just continue with different challenges as a result of the player’s failure.

Q: Sounds Difficult!

A: We are aiming for a truly hardcore VR experience. Players will have to constantly be on their toes (sometimes literally!) The really great thing is, no matter what, the story will progress even if you suck! Nothing is infinite in this game. Nothing respawns, neither items or enemies. Everything has a time and it will march ever forward. You will either keep dying as the end creeps closer or you’ll ‘git gud’!

Q: When will it be released?

A: Late 2021 is our goal but it won’t be released till we are happy with it.

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