Jude is the main protagonist and player character in The Wretched. He’s a turbulent, brambly cowboy untrusting of new technology, especially if it was made by The Confederation; Many label him as a man living in the past.

In his early years, Jude’s unparalleled skills with a pistol and space navigation prowess garnished him a feared reputation on the rim. He was willing to do anything if the pay was right. But now at the age of 30 with his wife Tara and three-year-old son Virgil, he’s making an attempt at earning an honest man’s wage. His older brother Nicholas is the only other living relative on record.

Jude’s brother, Nicholas, nearly an opposite in all ways. He’s the true technophile of the two. Embracing all things cybernetic and involving any sort of enhancement, while Jude prefers things more…primitive, simple. Nicholas and Jude grew up together on Rhea. Being a decade older, he more or less raised Jude. He left suddenly though, taking to the stars. He traversed most of the known star systems, building up the reputation of a genius.

Eventually, he found his way to Antioch and began working with Bart. When he settled in, he sought out Jude to bring him back into his life. But Nicky didn’t plan for Bart and Jude to butt heads.

Bartholomew, or Bart, is a man of sheer willpower. Born into wealth, Bart used his advantages well. Serving in the army as an officer he demonstrated himself as a brilliant tactician and administrator, but his vision was too great to allow himself to be subservient to the Confederation. He broke away, founding a settlement on Antioch. A force to be reckoned with, he ran all of the planet’s operations: behind the scenes in the crime-world and in front. Everything on the planet was under his rule. But with that came a certain amount of required strongarming. He eventually came to know Nicholas, who brought on Jude, and there a feud began.

Yet, something more urgent than Jude’s insubordination quickly caught Bart’s attention. The Confederation had returned to his life, demanding him to sell his much sought after cattle for dirt cheap. The Confederation hadn’t given Bart many options. Luckily, Nicholas offered a plan he couldn’t refuse, but unfortunately, it required Jude who would be hard-pressed to leave his wife for the time required.

Tara is Jude’s wife and mother to Virgil. A woman of beauty, wit, and intellect, she stands as Jude’s completion: representing all he does not.

Born on Rhea, she took to reading and became enamored with philosophy, science, history, all of it. She became ambitious, wanting to shape the world and not be a silent watcher beneath history. She wanted to be an actor within it. But born into a lower-class, she had no legitimate way to ascend the ladder of society to the heights that her dreams required. Until she found The Four, a crime syndicate, where she met Jude. After she became pregnant, they sought a way to get out, which led them to Antioch through Jude’s brother Nicholas.

Life seemed simple for a few years, but, of course, life requires interruption. Nicholas and Jude were needed for a job that Nicholas claimed would allow Jude to finally put a close to his criminal past. She didn’t know the details, but before their leaving, Nicholas asked for her help to ensure she’d be coming along…in spirit.

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