Into Year 3

We are heading into our third year of developing The Wretched. We’ve learned so much and although there have been setbacks overall we push ahead. Based on how it is going the initial release is looking to be sometime in late 2021. This is a project of passion for us so as much as we want to get this out, making it exactly what we want is more important. We promised a tech demo almost a year ago. That was another mistake! Don’t make promises we can’t keep. Won’t happen again, but the demo is still something we want to release. It is coming and it won’t take another year.

The website will also be updated soon and more often as there will be a lot more imagery available as we have finalized our art direction. The art is a big focus now as much of the code is done. This project has gone from a dream, to a hobby, and now it is life. We can’t wait to share more of it with you!

Tech Demo

We have been working on The Wretched for over a year now and we are just about ready to show off some gameplay. Videos will surely be coming but we think VR is something you just can’t understand without playing. That is why we will be releasing a tech demo that will showcase the first section of the game including the first boss. All of this is in preparation for our Kickstarter campaign that will be kicking off in early fall. Look for the tech demo to drop in late August early September.

The purpose of the tech demo is two folds: We want to get you guys excited about The Wretched but we also want to get your feedback and suggestions to make this the best VR experience possible.

Oh and if you are still not on the VR train we may have a surprise for you too. 😛 like and subscribe to our Facebook for the current updates!

The Details Express

We’re starting to reveal some of the nitty gritty about the gameplay mechanics in The Wretched. We will be doing some short videos that will introduce things like the different tools, locomotion, and more. All of this is to gear up for our Kickstarter probably sometime in late summer. Yep, we need money just like all the other poor saps out there. (Energy drinks aren’t cheap!) For now, make sure you check out the FAQ section as we have expanded and revamped it.

Still a moseying

Been a long time since we’ve said anything, but don’t worry, we are still working hard! We’ve had a fair share of setbacks but we’ve also added a new artist to the team. She is brewing up all the bosses and creepy things.

So whats ahead? Right now the plan is to have a small semi-polished section of the game ready for the public around June. About the same time, we will be initiating our Kickstarter campaign. This means we will finally start to openly share features about the game.

So, we will have more frequent updates over the next couple months.

Major Updates

It has been a while since we’ve talked about what is going down. Lots of work has been done and our team has grown too! We added a very awesome sound director and head writer. Our current goal is to release the first trailer and after that, we will be discussing more the nitty gritty of the game. Expect lots of updates going into the holiday season. For now, check out our first video that we used to test some camera setups for the upcoming trailer.

The Gun

The last couple weeks started really slow. (Thanks to those bugs.) However, the wall was overcome and now we are moving even faster than before. We have spent a long while perfecting the games main weapon, Jude’s Revolver. It is almost like a character to us. We will have a video soon of it in action but for now, take a look at the third and hopefully the last iteration of this awesome weapon. It still has some work to be done on it as obviously the textures and handle aren’t finished, but so far that version only took 5 hours of work. Not too shabby!

Dance out those bugs!

Sometimes when I am testing in VR I get distracted. Usually, that means I dance to whatever happens to be playing. I was going to post a video of our gun shooting, but that will come later. Instead, watch as I go from furious at a bug, to dancing, then back to furious as I find another unrelated bug.

If you wish to follow along with what I was dancing to:

The Coming Weeks

We’ve been busy with modeling and texturing art assets. Most of our game systems are at least roughly coded and in place, minus some big ones like enemy AI. However, we are planning on releasing a very small playable tech demo in the following weeks. We’ll also be posting the main characters with short bios, starting with Jude!

We have lift off!


Hello world, Let me introduce you to a guy named Jude. He just wants to make some fast cash by delivering some cattle halfway across the galaxy. What could possibly go wrong?