Food is Good

Hey, how ya doing? I’m Laurel. I’m in charge of Public Relations for The Wretched. I’ve been asking questions and learning about this game as much as possible so I can spread the good news to you guys, who hopefully could be potential players (check out the rest of this website and our social media pages *wink*). One of my favorite aspects of this game, and honestly life, is the food system. Jude gains energy and extra strengths from food so he can stay in fighting shape. Of course, as with food in real life, you have to be careful. In The Wretched, Jude will get full off of five units of food (I know, it makes a whole pizza while hungover on Sunday seem like a Joey Chesnut sized feat). So far, this is what our developers, Mike and Alex, have in mind for different types of food:

StarFinger = The best candy bar in the known universe (but in the unknown universe I guess there could be better). It equals one unit.

Cowboy Marshmallow = A cereal treat for buckaroos of any age, which equals two units.

Chalk Magician Dust = Super sweet candy marketed towards Chalk Magician nerds, one unit. (Also, there’s apparently an inside joke here, we’ll see if that pays off.)

Curry = My personal favorite, as well as Jude’s. Equals four units.

SpacePaste = In case you hate the taste of food but also want to eat something nutritious and filling, equals three units.

And don’t forget StarCrusher: “If you’re not wired out of your mind, are you really alive?”

There’s honestly still so much to decide when it comes to food in The Wretched, but I do know the boys are having fun coming up with ideas. I’m excited to see what they dream up next. If you are too then keep checking back for more updates and let us know what you’re most looking forward to, or hopeful for, with The Wretched VR.

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